Monday 16 September 2024

9:57 PM

Today’s Weather: Sunny. High 75. 60 now.

The dispersal of military assets is proceeding smoothly. The public is not aware of the latest turn the crisis with China has taken. That will change tomorrow afternoon when the president holds a press conference at the White House. Everything will be laid out and explained then.

I spent the day working and preparing for what is sure to come once we reject the ultimatum. Tomorrow, fifteen minutes before the president’s press conference I will personally transmit war warnings to all US combatant commands. Between now and then, I have much on my plate to keep me busy. Dispersal of military assets, reviewing the latest changes to OPLAN 0844-24.5 and coordinating with the Secret Service to make sure the plans for evacuating the family of cabinet members and other high ranking government officials is prepared to go if needed.

Sunday September 15, 2024

8:30 PM

Today’s Weather: Cloudy. High 72. 65 now.

Time is very limited for me right now but I will add more details tomorrow.

The morning’s video conference went off as scheduled. Xi wasted no time in laying out China’s view of the world situation at present: The United States is no longer capable of providing global leadership. The two years following the September 2022 attack has demonstrated this clearly. The US is extorting aid from nations around the world while it conducts military campaigns against Russia, Canada and most recently the People’s Republic of China. The global economy is very near collapse. To prevent a full-blown collapse, the People’s Republic of China will assume control of a select number of strategic ports in the Pacific region and elsewhere. The United States will publicly rescind its status as the preeminent global power and declare neutrality. The status of future relief shipments to US shores will be dependent upon how well the US observes this neutrality.

In short, China is demanding we hand the world over to it on a silver platter. We have 48 hours to respond or else face ‘severe consequences and enforcement of its neutrality by the Chinese military.’

We’re just under thirty-nine hours away from giving Beijing an answer. I’m certain Xi already knows what our reply will be and has factored it into whatever is coming next.

Saturday September 14, 2024

8:49 PM

Today’s Weather: Sunshine. High 76. 61 now.

The video conference between Xi Jinping and President McAlister will start in eleven hours or so. No public announcement has been made regarding this meeting by either side. I’ve begun to think Xi intends to put forward a harsh ultimatum. I will be joining the meeting from inside of the NORAD complex next door inside of Cheyenne Mountain instead of in person at the White House. The Secret Service made that call and for what it’s worth I agree with it.

This was a busy day for me. Reports from around the Pacific continue to come in. Some encouraging, most not so much. All of our ports have been cleared of Chinese naval infantry and are secure now including Honolulu. We have over 800+ Chinese prisoners to contend with and I’m not sure how or when we will be sending them home. In Australia, Perth is now in Chinese hands. The Aussies are attempting to move reinforcements out there now but it will take some time. Meanwhile, there are reports of three additional RO/RO ships moving towards the western Australian port city. The Aussies are deploying submarines to try and track them down. Darwin is in Australian and US hands after a long, bloody fight. In Japan, Okinawa has been secured by the Chinese but the Self Defense Forces are preparing a counterattack. Cannot get into more detail there.

As for tomorrow morning, we will find out where Beijing stands and go from there. All US military forces will go to DefCon 2 at 0730 Mountain Time incase Xi follows up the conference with military action. That is a possibility we simply can’t afford to rule out.

Friday September 13, 2024

11:30 PM

Today’s Weather: Cloudy. High 83. 67 now.

I was at the house eating dinner with the family around 6 PM. Alex is going back to campus this weekend and Megan has received word that classes will resume at Stanford next Wednesday. So she is beginning to make plans for the trek west.

Then the telephone calls started coming in. The first was from the duty officer here at the National Military Command Center in Colorado, Springs. His call was to inform me of unusual activity at the Chinese submarine base on Hainan Island. Apparently two ballistic missile submarines are rapidly preparing to leave port. I acknowledged the call and went back to dinner. Not five minutes later I took another call. This one was from State Department informing me the People’s Republic of China has announced it is severing diplomatic relations with Japan, South Korea and Australia as of midnight, 15 September, 2024.

The third call came around 8 PM. It was from the White House. The Chinese president has requested an audience with the president, secretary of state and myself at 8 AM on Sunday morning for a video conference.  

Now I’m back down in Colorado Springs trying to figure out exactly what China is up to, as well as what might happen between now and Sunday morning.

Thursday 12 September, 2024

10:00 PM

Today’s Weather: Cloudy and chilly. High 67. 54 now.

Today is the second anniversary of the September 2022 attacks. Two years ago today the world changed completely for every man, woman, and child in the United States. On the entire planet, for that matter. Memories from the day remain vivid and I am certain that will is a terminal condition. However, in light of what is happening now, as well as my current responsibilities, I’m pushing it to the back of my mind as best I can. To remember the day I’ve decided to repost part of my journal entry from September 12 2022. I’m not certain if I’m doing this for posterity or to help myself cope with the pangs of overwhelming guilt which absorb me at times.

Monday, September 12, 2022

4:53 PM

I’m writing this on a legal pad with a pen and not my computer because the power is out. And I mean entirely out. The electricity is out and none of the electronics in the house in appear to be working. I was getting out of the shower when the lights went off. I picked my phone up from the vanity and the screen was black. I thought its battery was just dead and walked back into the bedroom to get my tablet. When I tried that, it was dead too. Same story with my laptop.

Something is happening and I don’t think it’s just a power outage.

5:45 PM

Lori’s Tesla was sitting out in the driveway when power was lost. Now it’s completely dead. My car was in the garage and thankfully, appears to be okay. I opened the garage doors manually, started the car, pulled it out and ran it for a couple of minutes. It seems to be fine except that the electronics. There’s no radio reception. The channels produce nothing but pure static, even the satellite radio. The GPS and computer are also out and I can’t connect to the internet. 

Renee Jameson came over from across the street while I was fiddling with the cars. Her power is out too. I told her about Lori’s car and immediately she ran back to her driveway to try hers. No luck and her car isn’t electric-powered like Lori’s Tesla. Now she’s worried to death about Sean who’s on his way home from work now. Is he hurt? Or stuck somewhere out on the highway with a dead car? I told her Sean is probably fine and will be home soon. Not sure if she believed me but she went inside to talk with Lori and I took a walk up the street to see what was going on.

Some neighbors were outside talking, and a small group was congregating on Fred Taussig’s lawn. From what I’ve heard and seen, it appears we’re all in the same boat. No power at all in the immediate area, no electronics working, and except of myself and Fred, nobody else has a vehicle on Willow Bend Drive that still works. Everyone appears more annoyed than anything else. They’re treating this as a temporary inconvenience. But if it’s as bad as I’m beginning to think, this may not be so temporary.

Three columns of black smoke can be seen rising in the sky off in the distance. Two in the north and the other to the west.

Renee is going to stay and have dinner with Lori and Megan. Salad and burgers. Thank heaven for the charcoal grill. At Lori’s suggestion, Renee will also stay at our house until Sean gets home. I’m taking Alex and going to Walmart to pick up some essentials. Especially non-perishable food. There is enough here with the load of camping supplies Bob McDaniel dropped off, but if this really is something bad, people are going to catch on and then the stores will get picked clean. I want to be there and gone before that happens.

Wednesday 11 September, 2024

8:19 PM

Today’s Weather: Mixture of sun and clouds. High 87. 70 now.

The conference this morning went as well as can be expected. The Aussies and Japanese are cognizant of our position right now and have assured us they will not seek a separate accommodation with China. The Indian defense minister also took part in the conference via video link and promised the same. Much more was discussed, but those topics will remain under wraps for some time. Afterward, my counterparts from across the Pacific joined me for a 9/11 memorial service at the US Air Force Academy chapel. A somber affair as always, but tomorrow will be the truly depressing remembrance. Two years to the day and we are still recovering as a nation, as a people and for me personally, as a husband and father.

Sadly, I cannot take as much time as I want to remember and grieve thanks to China’s actions. We are in the midst of yet another conflict now with a much larger one on the horizon.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2024

9:05 PM

Today’s Weather: Sunny. Cooler. High 83. 71 now.

My Australian and Japanese counterparts will be arriving in Denver tomorrow for discussions with me. In short, we will attempt to come up with a viable short term gameplan until the US Navy can return to the Western Pacific in force. I spent a good portion of the afternoon with the Joint Chiefs down in Colorado Springs discussing options. There are not many to chose from, unfortunately. Defense of US ports is the priority. Until we can be certain no further threat remains, we will have to accept the fact there will be some exposure to contend with west of Wake Island for a time. The Japanese will understand this and attempt to find some sort of accommodation that is acceptable to both of our governments. The Aussies and Kiwis on the other hand, are going to go absolutely ape. Their prime ministers are already making public statements about the United States trading Darwin for San Diego and such. I hope neither Canberra or Wellington really believe that is what could happen. But if they do, I really can’t blame either of them for thinking that. We’re in a serious bind here.

Monday September 9 2024

Monday 9 September 2024

8:49 PM

Today’s Weather: Clouds and afternoon T-Storms. High 89. 72 now.

Yesterday Xi Jinping addressed the world and announced China’s intention to assume control of commercial sea lanes and the twelve biggest ports in the Pacific Ocean. Xi claims the United States cannot be entrusted with the responsibility of securing the ‘safety and prosperity of the world. The September, 2022 attack has changed the dynamics of regional security and the global balance of power. China is taking it upon itself to reset the balance and restore stability.’

As for this hemisphere, there are no unusual ship movements currently underway. Our West Coast ports are secure, as those in Hawaii and Alaska. A naval task force and accompanying MEU are primed to leave San Diego tomorrow for Panama. The canal needs immediate securing given what is taking place.

Here at home the people are angry and growing more so with each passing hour. Their president and his cabinet members feel the same. However, the reality of the moment is that we might not have enough firepower available to offer our friends in Australia and Japan a helping hand at the moment. As sad as it is to say, they just might be on their own for a time.

Saturday 7 September, 2024 *REVISED*

Author’s Note: Apologies. I pasted an entry from my other blog on the original 7 Sept. 2004 entry here. Fixing it now. So sorry 🙂

9:00 PM

Today’s Weather: Sunshine, hot. Hugh 98. 85 now.

The second round of Chinese landings are underway this evening. Darwin and Perth in Australia, Okinawa, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Same as the landings on the West Coast here. Freighter reaches the pier and instead of disembarking automobiles or some other heavy equipment, Chinese naval infantry and vehicles come down. Very few details about how extensive the landings are, but we expect to hear something solid from the Aussies at least. Other nations in the Pacific and IO are on high alert including New Zealand and the Philippines. Intelligence reports suggest this might not be over. We are making every effort to scan the waters outside of our active and inactive east coast ports. I wouldn’t put it past Beijing to attempt a landing there. It’s the American underbelly for lack of a more appropriate term. The ports are functioning, but nowhere near full capacity. Recovery is making marked progress in many areas and at the same time is making no progress in others.

But that doesn’t mean the Eastern Seaboard should not be defended. The United States is not a carcass and we will defend our nation whether its from Russia or China.